This list is always changing!
I have a willing group of taste testers standing by,
and I would be happy to offer additional flavors
The following flavors are available for
special occasion cakes:
Chocolate Sour Cream

White Sour Cream Almond

Cherry Chocolate Chip

Cherry Nut

Red Velvet *

Traditional Marble

Pumpkin *


Lemon Poppy Seed

Chocolate Coconut Marble


Subtle Spice


Strawberry Chocolate Marble


Banana Chocolate Marble

Carrot Cake **
(with pecans or walnuts)

* Premium Flavors - additional cost
**Dessert Cake only
Your filling choices include:
Cream Cheese Frosting *
(Dessert cakes only)


Chocolate Buttercream

Mocha Buttercream

Caramel Buttercream

Bavarian Cream




(we have additional flavors for
buttercream, please let us know
what you are interested in)

* Premium Flavors - additional charge

( cream cheese filling / frosting is
available for dessert cakes only,
as it requires refrigeration)
Your frosting choices include:

Cream Cheese *
(Dessert cakes only)

Chocolate Buttercream

Mocha Buttercream

Caramel Buttercream

Rolled Fondant

Chocolate Rolled Fondant *

* Premium flavors - additional charge
Please be advised that most of our
products include milk and eggs,
and may include
tree nuts or soy ingredients.

Our products are prepared on shared
equipment and may come in contact with
the above ingredients.