March 2009 - CT Cake Competition

I had the pleasure and honor of assisting
my friend Lilly from
Cakes by Lilly at a  
"Food Network" style live competition.  
The theme was "Wedding cakes -
Wonders of the World".  
This is our version of the Taj Mahal;
we won the bronze medal!
CT Chefs Association Competition
Intermediate, March 2004
My first competition cake -
my first blue ribbon!
The letters were done using the
run sugar method.

CT Chefs Association Competition
Advanced, March 2005
Fondant covered cake,
sugar paste decorations,
perfect for a centerpiece!
As featured in
The Hartford Courant Flavor Section-
Dec. 11, 2003
As featured in the Flavor Section
of the Hartford Courant
Dec. 15th, 2005 *

This three layer chocolate cake is
festive and delicious!   Loaded with
cookies, decorated for the
Diane Burke, Lilly Humphrey

2009 Chocolate
Challenge Winner!!!!
2010 Chocolate
Challenge Winner!!!!