Your child's birthday cake should be as special as your child!!
more children's birthday cakes....
This cute and colorful
pink ladybug cake was
for Giselle's first
birthday.  Matching
cupcakes with pink
flowers completed this
pretty set up.
Anya's 1st birthday cake
with colorful matching cupcakes.

Candle provided by her parents.
Topper provided by my
Chidi's racetrack themed
birthday cake
Rocco's 1st birthday
Under the Sea Cake complete
with colorful creatures
Lauren's first birthday
cake and cupcakes
Austin's parents provided the candle
for this colorful 1st birthday cake.
Rocco's 2nd birthday cake featured
cute farm animals, including
pigs, cows, and ducks,
and of course a red barn.
A castle cake for a 4 year old -
the perfect addition to her party!
Chase's 1st birthday cake!
Designed to compliment the paper
goods, Cami's first birthday cake was
bright and cheerful!
A beautiful cake for a special little girl,

Doll provided by my customer