more children's
birthday cakes
Addison's first birthday cake is
so colorful and fun!  
Alice in Wonderland theme.  

Toys provided by my customer)
Nidhi's colorful first birthday cake
A pretty package cake
with a polka dot bow
Sweet ladybugs and flowers
for Maya's
first birthday cake.
Priyam's 3rd birthday cake

toys provided by his parents
Don't you just love these
bright colors??

Toys were provided by
Evan's parents
Olivia's 3rd birthday cake featured her
favorite toy story character Jessie.
Jessie was provided by her parents
Created with permission from the Lego
company, Will's 6th birthday featured
one of his favorite things to play with!
Olivia's castle cake
Caroline's snowflake birthday cake,
complete with a snowman!
Noah's first birthday cake featured a colorful
underwater scene, along with a favorite toy
topper provided by his mother.
Cora's first birthday
cake featured a winter
wonderland, complete
with snowflakes,
penguins, and an ice
skating pond.
Baseball cupcakes