more wedding cakes....
This wedding cake features sugar
paste calla lilies in assorted colors...  
a pretty cake for a delightful bride!
This romantic cake is decorated
with glorious roses,
a sugar paste drape and pearls
A classic design that makes for a
beautiful focal point at your wedding
celebration. Lavender roses add
soft and subtle beauty.
This wedding cake is covered in decadent
chocolate fondant, and is finished with  
ribbon and sugar calla lillies.
A tower of gifts for the bride and groom,
this four tiered cake is sure to make a
lasting impression.  Fondant bow
completes this pretty design.
Laura and Kristian
July 4th wedding with individual table cakes -
these make great centerpieces too!
Rachel and Charles

photo provided
courtesy of Pam Napoli
Adrienne and Jess
Sonia and Will
St. Clements
Mimi and Jay
Saint Clements Marina Club